Saturday, February 16, 2008

ClamBake Café ™

For those of my fans who have been around here for the last six months you have heard me talk about the ClamBake Cafe'tm.

Innovative Business Golf Solutions is excited to announce the ClamBake Cafe' . The inaugural show will be launched on BlogTv!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 7PM CST at BlogTV.

What is it?

ClamBake Cafe' is a gathering of bloggers who write about golf and golfers who are interested in learning more about what the Internet offers them. If you want to hear more about the world of golf from inside the Internet and how things on the Internet work, then do not miss the ClamBake Cafe' on BlogTv.

To launch my first show I will have as my very special guest Gayle Moss (GolfGal). golfgal-96 Gayle is the creator of GolfGal aka Stix for Chix blog site and one of the writers for the Golf for Women Magazine blog site.

Get sign up with a BlogTV account now so you can join in the chat with GolfGal.

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