Saturday, February 18, 2006

Are You Ready To Learn To Play Business Golf?

Spring will be here before you know it and the golf courses all across the country will start hopping with activity. 

Is your game ready? 

Do you need a refresher? 

Would having a reason to play more golf be helpful to taking your game to the next level? 

How about a REAL business expense to cover the costs of playing golf? 


And better yet something that will bring security to your business’ bottomline that will pay for the golf you want to play?


Well, stay tuned, I am launching my pilot seminar on How To Play Business Golf on April 26 here in Dallas.  After that, I will be hitting the road with my full day seminar/workshop that includes a REAL round of Business Golf.


Hopefully I will come to your ‘neck of the woods’ to show you how to play Business Golf…      Plus, much, much more…


What’s all of the fuss?  You say you currently play golf now with your clients and have made it work for you? 

Great, then you know one of the five steps I teach on making sure you have a better chance to benefit professionally from every round of golf you play. 


But, you probably have not thought of the other steps I teach in my seminar/workshop.  Like the Do’s and Don’t and Why Golf is the ONLY sport or game that promotes Business…bar none..  I provide NON-Golfers with plenty of explanation on the benefits golf can make to business and a number of reason why they should start playing golf.


 And, if you have read my book How To Play Business Golf, and have used my five step method, then coming to the Seminar will reinforce what you know and will add one more thing you probably did not think about…


Your employees?  Have you thought what impact it would have on your business if everyone of your employees joined in your efforts to secure your customer base by them playing Business Golf with clients or prospective clients?.…


HUM…Yes, I provide you even more thoughts and I also will be bring in top business coaches to enlighten you on what challenges today’s businesses face.


Yes, it is a seminar and it is a workshop.  The seminar covers the business part of Business Golf and the workshop puts the ‘meat on the bone’ for you to take back to your office what you learned to guide you through your first round of Business Golf. 


And how best can you learn how to Play Business Golf? 


By playing a REAL round of Business Golf and that is what will be part of my Full Day Seminar/Workshop.  A round of 18 holes on a country club golf courses …


and, for you who have to satisfy the ‘bean counters’ of your business, yes, it is a business instructional seminar that is a business expense, so You have that covered…


More details are coming, so stay tuned and get on my mailing list so you can get the announcement where and when my ‘Dog & Pony’ Show will be coming to you. 


If you want in on the Pilot, send me an email and I will see if I can get you in…


Scot Duke


Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.

214 549-0306


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Author of: ‘How To Play Business Golf’, From The Boardroom To The Fairways…

The best investment you can make for your business…








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