Friday, February 10, 2006

What Happened To Your Customers?

Are you noticing that the number of customers you have is decreasing?  Or, if they are increasing, how many of them come back again.  Do you know why?

You may think you know by shrugging off the actual reason as being because of something else that is out of your hands, like foreign competition or those other things in the news the business guru say is causing business problems.


If you want to know the real reason the best way is to ask your customers.  I don’t mean send out a survey.  Yes, that will get you a few open comments, but will not tell you what you really want to know. 

Most people, about 85% (Based on my personal experience) want to help and when you send out a survey will not want to be negative, so they will flower up the survey with stuff to make you think of them as being the best, when all they are doing is not wanting to look bad and have you look upon them as someone you cannot trust.


Well, you don’t; need that, do you?  You need straight talk and not some politically correct comment to make you feel good , when you have a problem.


The BEST way to get to the bottom of what your customers think about your product or services is to stand eye-to-eye with them and ask them.  But before you go storming into their office and put a ‘Sergeant Carter’ on them, think about how you want to do this.


In my book,  How To Play Business Golf, I talk about how to go about finding out how you are doing.  I also talk about how you can find out how your business is doing by talking to your employees or vendors.  I really believe Golf is the best way to find the answers to your questions.  If you don’t play golf and your customer base does,  here is a great way to do two things at once.  And, be able to write your golf as a business expense….


By asking your customer or customers to join you at a golf school, where you are learning to play golf, you can take the opportunity to do both, learn to play golf and learn how your business is doing. 


Folks, this is called building TRUST, which is the number five challenge  today’s businesses will have to deal with to become successful.


OK, you say ‘Duke, I would like to do what you are suggesting but I don’t have time or know how to set this all up..’.  That is what Innovative Business Golf Solutions has to offer.  A full range of opportunities for business people who want to find innovative solutions to solving their business problems..


Read my book, How To Play Business Golf, or contact me today, and we can talk out what IBGS can do to find the answers to your questions.


About The Author:  As President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Scot Duke provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies.



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