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Charity Golf Tournaments & Business Networking: Sign-up for Only Good Ones.

I spend a lot of time talking to people, who are in business or in general, on the benefits of golf as a business tool.  Seems others are talking lot about it, but are not clearly explaining HOW to use Golf as a Business Networking Tool.

It is simple, you can either just make a tee time at your favor golf course and take a shot at getting hooked up with another golfer who is in business, or…

Find a Charity Golf Tournament to get involved with… 

Most of the time the Charity Golf Tournament route is more productive. 

But, you still need to know how to play Business Golf.  This does not mean you have to play golf, just know how to play Business Golf.  There is a difference.

Golf is the best way to network what you do.  And where else do business golfers go to play business golf, to Charity Golf Tournaments.  There is no other event where you are going to get an audience with someone for four hours or longer? 

But before you get the newspaper out or crank-up the search engine to find a Charity Golf Tournament you need to keep in mind that you want to get involved with a GOOD charity golf tournament. 

There is nothing worst than volunteering to help a charity golf tournament, invite all of your business associates to come and play and the event sucks.   7 hour rounds of golf, bad food and no sign of the charity the funds are raised for are all killers to people who play business golf. 

Even if you are out for the social aspects of the golf event, if it sucks, the negative impression will run off on you.

So, find a good charity golf tournament.

How can you tell if it is good?  Ask the tournament director how many players or teams they are going to put on the course.  If they say 36 or more teams (or 144 players) in the morning and another 30 teams in the evening, high tail it as fast as you can.  These events are the coffin nails for businesses and for volunteers.

Why?  Most courses cannot not take that many players safely and since there are at least two teams on each hole, which means each team is going to have to wait for the group in front of them after every shot… the killer of golf tournaments.

Pick one that has 28 teams (112 golfers) or less.  They are easier to manage, the players are much, much happier since they get to enjoy the day.

Also ask what they are going to serve for food.  If they are getting the food donated from Joe’s B-B-Que, get away quick.  Most golfers who take time away from the office and spend an inflated entry fee expect more than mid to lower levels of food. 

If the event is serving a buffet inside the clubhouse where everyone gets to sit at a nice decorated table with silverware, the mood is happier and the reflection on you inviting them to the event is positive.  Make that sales call a little easier when you call them after the event.

Ask if the charity the funds are raised for is going to be at the event.  Usually, business people like to schmooze with the charity people to show their community involvement.   If the charity is not going to be there other than to get the check, expect the awards program to suck.  Again, another bad reflection on you by the people you invited to play.

If the Charity Golf Tournament has a silent auction, here is where you want to be. Usually the Silent Auction is the staging area for the golfers to have drinks and cool down after the round.  The BUSINESS NETWORKING is heavy here.  IF the golf tournament has a silent auction, get involved with that group.

So, yes, Golf is a great way to network your business, even if you are not a golfer..

Here is one of the best charity golf tournaments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Screen Door Open Charity Pro-AM Golf Tournament

June 5, 2006

Las Colinas Country Club

Irving, Texas

An officially PGA sanctioned Pro-AM. Raises funds for junior golf programs.

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