Saturday, March 25, 2006

Seminar or Workshop?

Since I will soon be launching a series of Seminar/Workshops across the nation my business coaches tell me that I need to decide on if my message is going to be delivered as a Seminar or Workshop.

I know that a seminar is when you go sit and listen and you get a head full of thoughts to take home and tryout.  And, a Workshop is where you sit and take notes or work in a workbook gathering experience from doing some exercises.  Yes, this would make each of them different.

But, since I am doing both in the same session, wouldn’t that be a seminar/workshop?

At first I considered being innovative, like my business is all about, and call them Semshops or Workinar’s.  But that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

I realize business people need comforting in knowing what they are getting involved with before they get involved.  Since they are paying to go, I can see their need to know.

Same goes for me when someone invites me to play in a golf tournament or golf outing.  I now ask, OK, is it a tournament or an outing.  There is a big difference, especially today with so many people trying to conduct business while playing golf.

I admit, if I am paying to play in a tournament, I am expecting to really have to bear down and chit-chat might not be what others want to do.

But, if I am asked to join a group for a nice round of golf, I am sure there will be a game or two played, but on the most part, it wanted be like the grind you play in a tournament and generally the players are more laid back and open to visiting with each other.

In Business Golf most of the time the golf that is played is called an OUTING.   OH, there is MUCH, MUCH more to business golf than just throwing together an outing and if you don’t know How To Play Business Golf, you run a chance of ruining a perfect opportunity to make a difference for your business.  But, you would have to come to my Seminar/Workshop to get the details.

Tournaments are far too stuffy for business golf and people’s feelings get hurt if it is called a tournament and find out that everyone is playing for the fun of it, which is what an Outing is about. 

So, tournaments are held for when you are playing golf without business, or Non-Business Golf.  This not to say that you can’t have a tournament with Business Golf, you just need to tell all that is what you are doing, which is what I show you have to do in my seminar/workshops.

So, I guess calling my seminar/workshop would be like telling a golfer that we are playing a outing/tournament.  Kinda confusing, isn’t it?

So, being innovative, here is what I am going to do. I am going to call my How To Play Business Golf Seminar & Workshop, since the first part of the day is lecture and the rest is instruction on How To Play Business Golf, I think I have it covered. 

Come learn how to secure your customer and employee base while building solid business relationships in my How To Play Business Golf Seminar & Workshops.  Hope they will be held at a country club in your area.  Contact me if you, your organization or company would like to have my seminar held in your community.


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