Friday, June 29, 2007

Studio 60: Fade to Black

OK Folks, it is over.  The final episode of Studio 60.  All of the hype of there being four or five more episodes being ordered up just seems to be just that, hype.  Lots of stuff being said.  BUT, who the frig knows what is going to happen with this outstanding drama.

Checking the Online Trotline: gets the most Google hits on Studio 60, but they are not saying much so they must be buying that Google positioning. did a good job putting into a few hundred words on why the show should go out...a good position for a site like that...I am sure that produced a lot of hits to their site.  My main man Jay over on TvSquad has a way of seeing what was going on with the S60 external plot, which to me highlights a total higher level of commercialism of the show that the CBS executives miscalculated, or did they?

That is about it for fresh stuff on Studio...seems most people online who were interested in the show left talking about S60 early this year...Hummm, could that be because there was no media hype out of the CBS camp for the return of the show?

Who really knows what is going is just a shame that a great show has bit the dust.  I can only suggest that if you agree that contact CBS studios to provide your worked for Jericho which was one of the lames shows I watched.  It is not going to hurt.


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