Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Business Golf: Can You Afford Not To?

The statement or remark I hear the most from business people I meet and talk to about the benefits of Business Golf is.....”I can’t afford to..”.  It is either I can’t afford to...take the time, or I just cannot afford to.... to play golf

Either way it is telling me they do not know how to make golf work for them in business or they just have not tried at all to use golf as a business tool due their thinking it is two expensive.

There are ways of going about using golf as a business tool that are affordable and time effective.  What comes next is lack of confidence in it really working.

Usually, the “lack of time issue” is the caused by something in the set-up of the business’ operation.  Usually, too much time is spent doing repetitive or redundant tasks that take away from the time that can be spent in reaping the benefits associated from playing business golf. 

As far as the ‘cannot afford issue’ that usually is caused from lack of long term planning.  Business Golf does not have to be played everyday.  With long term thinking an annual business golf outing can be easily managed into any budget.

Both of the “I can’t afford to” issues are the results of an overall lack of understanding of what business golf can do to improve business.

The answer to this and more questions about business golf comes from learning How To Play Business Golf.  Even for the non-golfer, there are ways of benefiting from golf in a time effective and affordable manor.  It all comes from learning how.

This is not to say that playing business golf does not take time and does not cost money.  Business Golf is golf and it takes both time and money to play it, but what comes with Business Golf that does not come with just playing regular golf is in how you go about planning for the outing and in the way you play golf with a client.

All of this and much, much more is discussed in the New How To Play Business Golf Seminars now available for you to book for your business conference or your business golf outing.

All of the secrets of How To Play Business Golf are in the book How To Play Business Golf and even more step by step methods of showing you how to play business golf is offered in the new seminar/workshops.  Go to http://innovativebusinessgolf.com for more details.



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