Monday, August 27, 2007

Business Golf UPDATE!

To all of my fans who have been emailing asking me are some of the answers..


About my next book...Yes, I am still writing on the book...more and more information keeps coming in each day that I want to add to the book so hopefully I can have the E-book ready for you by October.  This is book is going to be a good one.  I have been releasing a few tid-bits out on the subject of the book over at Duke Consults...if you want to know a little bit about what is going to be in the book and what the book will be all can check that out over there.  I will continue to release stuff from the book as time permits.


YES, I have been working on another Business Golf venture.


First of all, thank you to all of my loyal business golf is good to hear from you all and that you realize the value of business golf.  Some of you have been very supportive to offer ideas on things you would like for me to help you with.  When I combine your requests with what I am writing about in my next book it has spurred me on to get something going to cover it all.


I am working on launching something new in the online golf world.  I will be releasing information on the new venture this week.   Check out what all the latest is over at IBGS.


Scot Duke

President & Business Golf Mentor

Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC


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TGB said...

Hi Duke, I like your sites...if you in need of some backlinks, check out my The Golf Gear Directory
I'd be happy to get you a link listing or banner spot. Keep up the good work.


School Loan Consolidatin said...

Nice site...hit em long and straight.

Golf Travel Cases said...

Cool, blog..are you still working on your book?

Mr Business Golf said...

Golf Travel,

Yes, I am working on several books. All of which are in need of endings.

Check out my site at