Sunday, December 18, 2005

Busienss Golf for the New Year.

Happy New Year,


Before you know it, it will be 2006 and with it comes a fresh chance to start making golf a part of the way you do business. 


Yeah, you have probably started off every year saying I am going to do something to improve my game or I am going to play more golf next year…and you end up sitting in the office looking at reports showing your customer base eroding away, your sales force not meeting objectives and office morale hitting the deck… And then feeling you just can’t justify going out and playing golf with the ‘sky is falling’. 


If this is the case, believe me, I totally understand.   I have seen sales reports that looked like a deficit report and I have had to deal with the consequences of cutting operations costs and payroll to keep things a float.   Not just once, but about 6 times in my 31 years in the corporate America…


If all of this is what is keeping you off the golf course, I can tell you this, an take me very seriously when I say it  …go play golf….


Now, before you go running off thinking that what I am saying is all lunacy, a complete waste of your time, or I am not taking your problems and challenges for 2006 seriously, just hear me out.  I hope to tell you how you can turn your challenges into increased productivity, which means increase in profits, if you do the right things. 


Now, if you truly are in a world of hurt and your business problems are not the result of poor marketing, declining sales and low productivity, then you probably need to be reading blogs on the specific problem you are having and seeking advise from one of my business associates who I can turn you onto that handle those heavy weight problems. 


But, if you are lacking sufficient marketing, losing loyal customers and your employees are just not giving you their all, then here is one of the Right Things to do…


Plan on taking a client to play golf the first day after the New Year when your weather will allow it.  Not just any client, take your top client out.  Even if he does not play golf, ask him to join you on the course.  Or, invite an employee out to play golf with you.  Again, not just any employee, ask the person who is always calling in sick or is always tardy to join you for a round of golf… or ask your sales manager to invite the potential client he is making a call on to join you and him on the course…  Have not expectations of trying to do any business with any of them while playing golf,  Do not talk to your VIP Client about anything business related, do not talk to the employee about his or her attendance, and do not let your sales manager talk about the products or business with the potential client….


Now, keep in mind  you are going to be taking them out to play Business Golf.  That will be your start to getting a New Year off to a solid start.


What the heck is Business Golf?  If I can’t talk business how can it be Business Golf..  Believe me, if you take a purposeful approach to setting up the business golf during your invitation and leaving the business to after the golf, I know you will find you will start to see much improvement in how your clients and employees see you and then way your do business.  These are the people your clients want to do business with and your employees want to work for…


Take it from someone who has spent 31 years dealing with the challenges every business person will deal with…


Even if your business had its best year ever, Business Golf fits into securing your businesses success and placing profitability as a norm instead of a challenge…


So what do I recommend you do to start playing Business Golf in the New Year?


I outline in my book How To Play Business Golf some very good ideas on how to purposefully go about using golf to do business without making it look like you are trying to work your golfing partner out of more than a $5 Nassau.  I think you will find that it is easier than you think to accomplish what you want and need to do in 2006 if you plan on playing more golf…      It IS worth the time and effort..


Have a Happy Holiday and a Very Happy New Year…


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