Tuesday, December 27, 2005

When is Slow Play a Deterrent to Playing Golf?

When  it is 81 degrees the day after Christmas, golfers are going to play golf…  And that is exactly what I went to do… After a full day of festivities with the family and with all of the food, drinks and sweets, it made sense to want to get out and play a leisurely round with family and friends. 


You would also think that since it is the Holiday season everyone on the golf course would be in a jovial mood.


But, I guess that is too much to ask at my club….


What is with people who think just because they pay a membership that the rule of the club do not apply to them.  I guess a better question is, why does the management of a four star country club allow the course to open but not properly staff the facility so the club rules can be enforce?


Now if you ask the management of the club these questions their answer is going to be they want the members to enjoy their membership and the Holiday season.  And whatever explanation they felt would make it sound like they are opening the club for the member’s enjoyment. 


I guess ‘members’ enjoyment’ to this club  means the rules of ‘no groups of Five, or larger, being allowed to play together on the golf courses’,  will be waved.


As I see it, and I see it the way the game of golf was meant to be played, the only place a group of five golfers should be allowed together  is in the Bar… There is no place on an OPEN golf course for a group of five golfers or more to play together.  Now, if the course is closed or  the day is slow with no tee times for at least an hour behind the group, then I can see a Fivesome being allowed. 


BUT, not on a day when every junior golfer who go new clubs for Christmas, every Grandpa and Grandma who gave their grandkids clubs for Christmas and every other member who wanted to play a leisurely round of golf after Christmas all converge at the same time on the club…


Fivesomes and Sixsomes have no place on a course that is packed with golfers.  Just the safety issues only are enough for the Club Management to have had some concern.  And with no Marshall’s or golf professionals on the course to enforce pace of play or unruliness, this made for a lawsuit waiting to be filed…


Now, this was a leisurely round of golf, just think if you had brought a client out to your club where the forming of Fivesomes is cultivated.  How would that impression effect your business relationship building?  Well, I can tell you if I had been asked to join someone for a round of golf and was placed behind a Fivesome I could only think that this is normal procedure and the impression I have on my Host for inviting me to round of torturous waiting after each shot would not be favorable.  Thus, it could effect how I do business with that person.


I don’t want to get into all of the ramifications on how fivesomes place a negative spin on Business Golf.  Lets keep the game of golf as it was meant to be played as ‘a Four Square of gentle men or women makes for a proper golf group’….  Hope your day after Christmas went better than mind.


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