Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chris DiMarco: The 'Regular Guy' Golfer

I am the kind of guy who really doesn’t want to watch the marquee golfers.  Just like when I go to the event, when I watch golf on TV I look for the player that fits my mood for they day.  If I want to watch finesse I follow Fred Couples.  If I want to watch distances with finesse, I follow Fred Couples and if I want to watch flag shooting, well, I walk along with Fred Couples.   But there are more players out there than Fred and that is what makes GOLF the best sport to watch.


Most people want golf to be like other sports where you only support or cheer on one team or one person.  And the other players are the enemy and you are a loser if you support them. You have seen these guys; they are the ones who wear their favorite team’s shirt or favorite player’s jersey with their name and number on it.


So go the golf fans who only watch golf to see Tiger or Phil and have no interest in the other players.  In some cases they will boo other players who are playing better or even worst, beating the marquee player.


Don’t get me wrong, I am a Tiger fan, but I am also a Phil fan, and Ernie fan.  I am pretty much just a golf fan.  And I have to agree that there are some golfers I like better than others, like Fred Couple who will be my all-time favorite and some players I like less like Sergio will be my all-time loser. 


Now why do I make a statement of support of everyone and then state support for some and not for others?  Well, simply put, I am a golf fan, and not just a regular golfer fan who watches golf on TV, but I am a true golf fan who goes to the event when they come to town, that looks at stats and then watches other players that the TV sponsors don’t want you to watch.


And that brings me to Chris DiMarco. Wow, what a true golfer.   I will not hold it against him because he hails from Huntington, NY., because he doesn’t look or act like someone who hails from NY.  OH, there are a lot of other things I like about Chris than his diversity and the main one is his appeal to the ‘Regular Guy’.


Chris does not boom out 300 plus yard drives.  Neither does the regular guy.  Chris does not have the textbox golf swing.  Neither does the regular guy.

Chris has bad golf days.  So does the regular guy.  Chris…well, he loves a challenge and will face down a rabid Tiger any day of the week, on any golf course, from any set of tees, in any weather. 


Now that is where Chris steps just above the regular guy because the regular only wishes he/she could do this.  And that makes Chris the golfer the regular guy wants to watch.  Chris walks like a regular golfer, he dresses like a regular golfer and he shows his emotions like a regular golfer.  He is just a regular guy’s golfer.


From the Popeye forearms to the upside-down sunglasses placed on the back of his Ping Golf Cap, Chris, walks, talks and fights through a round of golf just like the way a regular guy would want to play.


Oh, yaw, there are people who would like to be able to stalk and pounce like Tiger or have the patience of Annika (Yes, I am a big supporter of women’s golf so I put the best women in there with the men).  Most regular guys want to support or cheer on a Regular Guy.


So, why Chris? And Not Jason or Luke or whoever?  Well there has not been any other player that has produced a vivid memory of play Chris displayed up against a wounded Tiger.  Chris matched the best golfer in the world shot for shot under tremendous pressure.  Even though Chris couldn’t close the deal, The Tiger did not walk over Chris and there was none of this collapsing with a drive off the hospitality tent or a ball in the trash can…it was punch for punch, blow for blow, full round, heavyweight, super bowl golf. Just what the regular guy likes.


Come Ryder Cup time. Chris will be the guy I keep my eye on.  The Tiger may prawn and stalk his pray for the TV gallery, but our man Chris will just walk up to them, kick their ass, then take their name.  Just like the regular guy would want to do…Go get them Chris.



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