Sunday, August 06, 2006

SPAM: Where is it coming from? Anubis?

I have never seen so much SPAM. Some of the characters
in the subject lines of the hundreds of emails I get each day look like the hydrographic
used in some of the SciFi Channel’s Star Gate show. I am wondering if it could be the ‘Ancients’
trying to send us a message on where Merlin’s weapon is located or to explain why
Richard Dean Anderson left the series.

Someone told me that the symbols and characters appearing on
the subject line are how our computes translate some of the Arabic symbols used
by some of the spammers. Kind of a
Off-Shore by product of out sourcing all of the American call center jobs.

But I digress…does anyone know where these Spams are coming
from? Is there actually someone out
there who is trying to find who these people or machines are who are pumping
this crap out by the thousands?

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