Monday, September 18, 2006

Dress for Success On The Golf Course

I was encouraged to see that the Golf Channel has taking the time to address the proper dress for golf tournaments.  They asked three tour professionals to provide a quick outline of what they think would be appropriate attire for a Member-Guest tournament at a country club.

All I can say is….It is about time.   The golfers I see today look more like they are going to a Pearl Jam concert than going to play golf.  With the shirt tails out and shorts that are too long or, yes, too short on men… 

I guess there needs to be some standards shown and where else are golfers to get them than seeing what golfers are wearing on TV.  At least that was where I saw what to wear at a golf course when I started playing.  I am not sure where the youngsters of today are looking…it must be an Abercrombie-Finch ad.   

Hopefully the heighten TV exposure to what should be worn will get people to understand that white socks don’t go with Black golf shoes…that was a new one for me…Guess I better get and find me some black socks….hate to be shown the parking lot by the golf fashion police…


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