Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ryder Cup: Nothing To Say, But Well Played Euro.

Mr Business Golf Podcast

I had a few people come up to me on the golf course this afternoon wanting to know if I was going to blog or Podcast something on my thoughts on the Ryder Cup. I have never been asked that before and now that I do speak on golf and business; maybe I should say something, but what?

Now, I have to admit, the first thing I wanted to say Friday afternoon when the USA was down against Euro in the Ryder Cup was, here we go again…the USA players just cannot play with each other to beat a bunch of Europeans who play together all of the time. But, I didn’t say it.

After USA slipped to 10 & 6 after Saturday’s matches I wanted to say, Is Crenshaw on his way over to talk to these guys? man, the rookies are chocking, where is my man Verplank and man, Furyk is looked tired. But I didn’t say that.

And after watching the USA finally tee it up for their strength in the match, the Singles, it was a heart break to see these guys taking every opportunity to get ahead and fall short. My fellow Texans Henry, Verplank and Campbell made us proud, with Verplank keeping the shots in the fairways and nailing the pins to a 4 & 3 win. How about JJ Henry taking all the way to wire, again one of the toughest Irishmen in the world, to halve his match. And Chad (Tex) Campbell, with his trademarked walk down the fairway like he has his spurs on, kept firing at the pen down the stretch when everyone thought he was out of it stirred it up when he place a 240 yd fairway wood to the green on 16 to keep the match going for one more hole. Even Tiger losing his 9 iron in the lake didn’t stop him from dismantling Karlsson’s game down the stretch. I could have said, well we have been here before, but I didn’t.

So what I will say, now that it is all over, is that none of the things I wanted to say really mattered, because the fact is, and will be now for another two years, the USA was out played by 12 great golfers from Europe. And that is all I have to say.

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