Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogging On Blogger: The Easiest Way TO Go

OK, I am back.  Where have I been?  Out looking for other ways to blog.  My report, stay with Blogger.  There are other sites out there for blogging and some might be just as easy as Blogger.  Why should you stay with Blogger?  Traffic. Or lack of it. 

This goes back to the reason you blog.  Some people have a lot of friends who are nearly surgically connected to the internet. And others, like me, are trying to meet new friends around the world.  And you have the people who don’t want friends and blogging to them is like masturbating.   

IF you are going to blog you want to make it easy.  Since Blogger lets you use Outlook to create your blog and email it to your blog site you don’t have to sign in, click some buttons to get to your posting, cut it to a word document to check spelling and then cut and paste it back to the blog site to send it.  Just write it and send it.  Easy.

Yes, there are other sites that do this also, but the point is, TRAFFIC.  There is no more traffic to Blogger that the other sites.  Traffic being people who actually going to see you blog and then read it.   If you are already set up on Blogger just stay there until there is technology that draws the search engine spiders to your site.  There are reports out there that there are tricks you can use to get the spiders heading your way, and soon as I find one I will let you know.



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