Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who is Paying Who?

OK, there is a big stink going on in the online networking groups on the unnecessary placement of advertisements all over a person’s profile whether they want it or not.

Who is getting paid for this anyway?  I am not and I am drawing in traffic by the droves.  Nobody is saying anything or making comment but I see them and I appreciate it.  But what I do not appreciate is that viewers are not seeing anything of the profiles I am on, with the exception of my BizNik profile.  What they see are the ca-jillion ads popping up all over the screen for stuff nobody wants.  What impression does that give people of me?  Well it looks like I am a whore for the ads that are next to my photo.  I wouldn’t complain but I am not getting paid anything for it.

Being a business person I would not want my business to be advertised where these ads are being placed.   I am not sure I would want to get the ca-jillion hits to my site by all of the SPAM that these ads generate….

Think I will go back and get out of some of these groups that do not have a clue on what they are doing to their members.




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