Thursday, April 13, 2006

Golf: Got To Get After It

Wow! It is April and the Masters is already over and I have not played but 10 rounds of golf this year.

Why?  Well like most folks who are in business the time spent running a business and meeting the challenges of businesses today, just can’t find the time to play.  And that is a bunch of hog-wash.  I, like 90% of the other business people out there, do not get out playing golf very often because we don’t have a regular crew to play with. 

And, I, like 80% of the golfers out there is a member of a country club where there are hundreds of golfers playing everyday.

So, what is my and the 99% of the other golfers who are in business problem?  I don’t know, what do you think is the solution to finding other people to play golf with?  I have my thoughts, but I want to here yours.

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