Friday, July 07, 2006

Boise Mosquito's: Small But Mighty

Now everyone knows that the mosquito’s here in Texas generally are big enough to require FAA licensing and file flight plans with DFW International.  But the mosquito in Boise, ID!... what they lack in size they make up in numbers.  These pesky little varmints were relentless.  We tried everything short of napalm to keep them off of us.  Even the cigars my B-I-L was smoking on the golf course wouldn’t keep them away…matter of fact, now that I think of it, it could of angered them since they did not bother me until he lit one of them turds up.  But, that is another blog…


The problem I had was you could not see these critters.  Here in Texas you can feel the vortex off their wings as they dive bomb past your ear to hit your neck.  And you have long enough to take a defensive position before they hit ya.  In Tator Country these UFO’s were completely stealth to the human eye and ear and hit ya like a Gatlin gun.

Six days of mosquitoes was enough for this Texan.  I came home looking like a pin cushion with measles…maybe we should have used napalm.  



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