Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fred Couples: The Only Captain's Pick That Makes Sense

Tom Lehman has his hands full making the right decision on who will help win the Ryder Cup.  The most logical choice is Fred Couples.  Freddy has been there, the Euro’s know what damage Boom-Boom can do and he is the only one who can take down the young guns from Europe.

Plus, Fred represents style and the image I would like the entire world to have about the people who play golf, both professionals and amateurs alike.   When you think US Golf, Fred Couples is like the Stars on the Red, White and Blue flag.

I know Tom will do what is right, but Couples is only a point behind at number 14 on the list.  Maybe Fred can kick ass at the PGA and jump in from the bottom, but if I was Tom I would go ahead and tell Freddy to get his back in shape…the USA is going to need ride him to a win.


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