Thursday, July 13, 2006

Golf Sites: Wow! How Many Do We need?

Since my review of the golf sites I found of interest I have received a number of emails from readers who have commented on their agreements, disagreement and natural positions on my rating of the sites I reviewed.  I have also received a few emails from the creators or principles of the sites I reviewed; also with agreement, disagreement and thanks. 

So to keep you updated, I am also now getting emails from people from all over the world who are suggesting or advising me they have a better idea and are about to launch yet another site for golfers.

And the number one questions that I get asked is: What is my thought on the number of golf sites out there and how many sites should someone join?

I have not gone out and checked other categories like Fishing, Tennis, Bowling or Lacrosse to see how many sites there are for these sports and games, but I know it cannot be nearly as many sites as there are for Golf.  I spend four weeks spending at last 5 hours a day, seven days a week reviewing the 10 or so sites I found or was turned on to by other golfers.  And I have a pile of laundry and a yard needing mowing as evidence of that time spent online.  I took that time just so I could find where it is I can help in the golf arena.

From what I learned and still learning, there is no way for anyone to be loyalty to more than one online site and get anything else done in their personal or (more importantly) professional life.  Yet, there are tons of golf sites with hundreds of members in each of them.  I am sure most are like me and have joined several of the golf groups under different names. 

And of course I am hearing of the dark side of the online groups. I even visited online with one golfer who must have spent a fortune with GoDaddy buying up domains names so he could create different email addresses so he could register in the same golf group over 10 times under ten different names just so he could take on a different false persona and provide false traffic to his group so to draw more people in so he could use his persona to draw these members of the site over to his personal web-sites so he could sell them something that looked REAL popular…I hope that is not the way the game is played, but could explain why some of these groups report having hundreds of users when it is actually only a few people with 10 email addresses.   This is not only going on in Golf Groups, but in the other online groups also.  There are some very determined and desperate people in cyberspace.

And then you have the people I call ‘Daters’…their only purpose in life is to Online Date.  And yes, they are all over the Golf sites. These guys and gals live on the adrenalin of setting up a meeting with someone unknown.  Now, there is nothing wrong with finding a date, hell I was there, we were all there at one point in our lives.  But, online dating…and on a golf site…come on.  It is bad enough to think people are trying to find someone to play golf with on these sites and the only think they have to go on for what the person is like is a picture of a Headcover of a dog smoking a cigar….Yep, that is the person I want to MeetUp with on the golf course to play golf.  The same goes for those guys and gals who are looking for a date on a golf site…do you make your decision on the equipment they list or the skill level they provide on their profiles.  I am hoping you guys are not falling for the picture of the Babe in the bikini swinging a driver…Yaw, I knew you guys were going to hit on that one…

But my question goes back to the time management of being a member of so many sites. 

Is another Golf Site the answer or is there a need?  I don’t think so.  There are only so many concepts that can be created online and from what I see there is now starting to be a tremendous redundancy of online golf sites.  No matter if one site’s theme is green and another is black, they both are offering the basic same thing.  And I don’t know about you, but do you use all of those fringing features like golf course search or the lesson for the day?…I don’t think so.  Most all of the people I have spoken with just want to build a relationship, be it for a date or for conversation, with someone else and to talk trash about one another’s games or equipment. 

Now, there is one thing that is missing on any of the golf sites I have looked at that would make their site very, very cool.  None of the sites I have talked to have any plans to do this.  If one (or all of them) the sites got a Touring Pro to actually be part of their site and feature them in an online chat or provide the members actual ability to communicate with the pro by email would be the first site I would have exclusive membership.  Now, I know I should be charging these sites for that information since this is what I do for a living, but if one of these sites would like to hear more on my idea on how to get to number one…well, you know how to get in touch with me.

My suggestion to all of my fans and enemies is to take a look at all of the golf sites and then set up shop at one of them.  Two at the most…  It will help the site and will bring credibility to you and what you are there to do. 

So, let me know how else I can help…



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