Thursday, October 19, 2006

Business Golf In China

Yes, I saw the news and my PGA friends have been filling me in on this situation where China is requiring all Law and Business students to learn how to play golf in an effort to prepare them for all of the business deals that take place on the golf course.    I applaud this, but what is it doing to golf?  And what is going to do to business if they are not taught how to play Business Golf?

It could be good if they are taught golf in a human way.  If the Chinese take the approach they take on other things they teach their students I am concerned that the students may make playing golf to political and take all of the fun out of it.

I am also concerned that they may make golf a highly skilled endeavor in their culture and look down on someone who has lower skill level…that would defiantly be the killer to a business deal and for golf as we know how to play it.

If the schools are now allowing the students to adjust to the physical aspects of the golf swing they could be pushing them to develop a bad attitude towards golf which would develop a golf course full of zombies …that would also not be good for golf or business.

I am watching this development in China with great interest because the Chinese are smart business people and they should put forth an effort to learn how to play Business Golf…instead of just plan ol Golf.

 I have not gotten my How to Learn to Speak Chinese book out yet, but just I case I get an email from China wanting Mr Business Golf to come teach them how to play Business Golf I am working on using my chop sticks to eat rice, one piece at a time.


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