Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Golf: Usually Not A Good

There is something about playing golf on Monday that just does not seem right.  Is because most barber shops are closed and the chances of getting hooked for a loop with a hair stylist might be a little uncomfortable?  Or is it because most of the good golf courses are closed on Monday?

I think it has to do with the latter…the courses being closed.  I can’t remember the last time I played golf with my barber.

Most charity and corporate functions are held on Monday which makes it when I usually get a call wanting to know if I would fill in for someone who can’t get away from the office.

What that someone missed was a great opportunity to improve his/her business so he/she might not have to be always not being able to get away from the office. 

This is where business golf kicks in…and since I am an expert on Business Golf…I take the opportunity to treat my host with some tips on how to Play Business return for letting me play in his group on Monday…

Really, Monday’s are not real good days for Business Golf.  More stuff happen at the first of the week in businesses so they can use the entire workweek to do whatever it is that came up on Monday…so if you are planning on taking a client out for a round of Business Golf and you want to do it on a Monday you had better plan way ahead to secure that date and then you still will have a fifty/fifty chance of the client bailing because they can’t get away from the house… unless you client is your barber…then your bet is good he will make it…

Monday Golf: Usually not a good day…


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