Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dilbert & Doonesbury: A Glimpse of Reality

If you have been around for a few years, 15 or more, and read the comic section of MOST newspapers, you probably know of Dilbert and Doonesbury.

Most comic strips today take on some social issues as the base of their reason for existing and most do get their message across rather well.

But Dilbert and Doonesbury really are trying to hide what they are trying to tell the world.  They are pretty much like me, in your face with the facts and then step back and let you think about the issue so you can draw your point of view based on their point of view.

And their point of view highlights social issues that are sometimes…..OH, Hell,. I am being too kind…their issues are slaps to the face of the authority or leadership of business who are not taking a logical or direct or something any direction on an issue.

Let me take Doonesbury first since it is more of a political view point.  They bring out a series, so long and some just one strip, on issues that have polarized view points and Garry Trudeau really nails the components of an issue to the wall for all to see.  

You either love Doonesbury or you hate Doonesbury.  Some papers have gone to placing Doonesbury in the Business section or in the Editorial sections since Mr Trudeau sometimes portrays a very far Left point of view to issues that upsets people who are just wanting to read something light in the comic sections and not have to be pursue in their political views…that is OK…jus also long as they have it somewhere and not ban the strip all together.

Now, Dilbert…OH, my friend Dilbert.

Scott Adams does a wonder job of describing how things really work in corporate America.  Thought Scott and I worked for the same company we never met.  I did get the opportunity to go by cubical out in San Ramon, CA where he use to sit hammering at a computer like a ‘Dilbert’ and before he made the big time. 

I can truthfully say that 99% of what Scott writes and tells the story about is TRUE…I guess that is why I read it. Each script is the only thing that brings back the memories of the good old days when I went from meeting to meeting to hear one boss after another wordsmith a presentation on a project I just did so it came out like he did it.  And there was always someone in the many groups I worked in that walked around all day with a coffee mug and did nothing, but made everyone thing he was on a major project that the boss didn’t even know what he was doing.

These two strips really are about the only reason I read the newspaper anymore.  It is a shame that media coverage has gotten so the only way to get a glimpse of reality or to get away from reality is to read comic strips… 

Oh well, there is always the Mr Business Golf Show.

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