Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting Started In Golf

I have been probably been asked a thousand times what I would recommend for someone who wants to get started playing golf.  And, yes, they came to the right person.  Because the way I started was just like millions of others and that was to go against what other people told me was the best way to learn.     And that was to go to a golf school, get professionally trained, and have them fit me into the best clubs on the market, all from the get go…

But Noooooooooooooooooo!  I wanted to take the cheap-o route because I wanted to prove them wrong.  Well I proved them wrong in only one area and that I finally learned to play golf.  But it wasn’t until I spend thousands of dollars on equipment and golf balls before I figured that tin order to shore up this tremendous investment I needed to get some professional training.

I did the private lessons and yes, was ripped off by a number of people who were at the time in the PGA, but as I now know, were kicked out of the PGA because they were ripping people off.  Then I finally ran into an honest professional that would not take my money but wanted to provide me with the best advice I have ever had and that was to spend the money I would pay him for five lessons on going to a golf school.  Then come back to see him.

Well, I thought he was blowing me off because my golf swing was so horrific.  But what he said was echoed  when a old friend of mind called me from California and told me he was getting a posse together to go out to Vegas for a three day golf school his wife game him for his birthday.  He said his wife was tired of him spending hundreds of dollars to play golf and not playing it well.  So she wanted him to either drop golf or take it seriously and go to the golf school.  The first of number of times our wives have been right.  So he wanted me to go with him since he knew we both sucked at playing golf.

 I looked at the costs and the price for the school was real cheap.  After going to the school I found out why.  It was in July in Vegas…do I need to say anymore?  If you need to know, there was a reason why they told us to bring a golf glove for both hands.  Have you ever picked up a sand bunker rake in July in Vegas with a bare hand?  But I digress…

 Well friends, this trip to golf school started me on a six year adventure and six golf schools later dropped my score 28 strokes.  I can work the ball both ways, hit stingers and parachute fades, I can take your money with my 65 yard flop shot into the cup.  And having more fun knowing that when I tee it up that the ball is going to go in the direction I am hitting and for a long way…  I was fitted in a set of Titleist irons and driver and found out why Titleist has the best golf balls and golf clubs, and always will.

I found that the three day golf school was exactly what I needed and I enjoyed it much more than trying to cram in everything into a thirty minute lesson.  Even though it was like a boot camp with hitting more than 1000 balls each day, it was somewhat rewarding when I stepped up on the tee the day after I returned from school and jacked a drive passed all of my buddies who would not go with me to golf school because they were cheap..

I visited my golf instructor when I got back from my first school and he did not recognize my swing and I had to let him say “I told you so”…

So, if you really want to take the game serious and want get a jump on playing golf, stop the madness and pony up the bucks to go to a golf school and get fitted in some top of the line clubs.  The better the club the longer they will last… So, try this and see if it makes a different.



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