Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nike Contacts: Where Does it end?

OK, Every time I go somewhere and see something new, I think I have seen it all, but it never ends.

My wife and I went in for our annual eye exam.  We wanted to find a new doctor since we wanted to get our sunglasses ready for the desert golf we play every year.  The new doctor specialized in sport eyewear. 

My wife went first while I looked around for some new frames.  Then it was my turn.  While I was getting my eyes check she was getting fitted for new contacts.  So, when I came out of the examine room she runs up to me and asked what I thought.  And I said, ‘about what?’

She has a new pair of the Nike Dark Lens Contacts on and she looked like she was an extra out a SiFi movie.  They came in three different colors and she had the dark green on that Nike had designed just for desert play.  They have others for cloudy days and for normal days.

Leave it to Nike to capitalize in every thing for golf.


Have any of you seen these things?




Scot Duke


Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.


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