Tuesday, May 30, 2006

LPGA: Breath of Fresh Air Being Wasted

Not too many men say they are supporters of the LPGA and really mean it.  I am one of those few.  Really, women playing golf professionally, I totally support it.  I support it at the tour level and I support it at golf professional level.  Matter of fact, I enjoy watching the women play the game more since they demonstrate the fact that it does not take brunt strength to play or win at the game of golf.  I can’t find one dang thing wrong with it. 

What other sport provides such an equal footing to competition?  To rounding out the community of golf?  To the promotion of family?  I am sure there are a few that come close, but none of them provide the dynamics that golf provides and none of them provide the grace and fashion that the ladies on the LPGA provide to the profession as well as the game. 

If you have to have excitement to a sport before you will watch it, just watch Cristina Kim come down the fairway leading the tournament.  If you have to have skill or performance to watch the game, the take a look at the veterans, Julie Inkster, Karrie Webb, and, of course, the best women golfer today, Annika Sorenson.  Their complete game is a demonstration of the skills you have to have to play at that level of the game.  And if you need speed, the bang of the thunder-stick or the flair for fashion and the unusual, then take a look the youngsters coming into the spotlight.  And for those of you who are looking for ‘Shock & Be Shocked’, the drama is also in the viewing when the ladies of fashion come to town.  Yes, there is a new generation of ladies moving into the LPGA and they are coming from all around the world.  And all of them have one thing in common…they can play the game.   And most all can play better than me. 

My hats off to these ladies who have stepped up to tee to show everyone what they are made of.  And to the lady professionals of the clubs and golf courses everywhere, what you provide keeps golf moving for the next generation of girls who want to learn to play this great game.   So, my support is to help and I look forward to every opportunity I am provided to help these ladies succeed in the game of golf or in business or both.



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