Thursday, June 08, 2006

Golf: How Can I Help?

As a non-professional golfer (meaning I don’t play or teach golf as my profession) I do find that I have a lot to offer golfers that probably the professional golfers may not be able to see through the eyes of a hacker like me.  You ask, what are some of these things I can offer?  Well, I don’t think you will find too many people who would take to the time to investigate or ask the questions on subjects like; why are the sprinkler heads on a golf course placed where they are placed?  Or ask, if the golf facility is a soft-spike only facility why are the Professional still allowed to wear steel spikes?  Things like this are what I have to offer those of you who want to know.

Now, there are a lot of ‘Why Guys’ out there in the golf arena and many staff writers who are pumping out their 1000 word or less articles onto different sites, but not many of them are like me and those who are like me, trying to make a difference.  I take the game of golf very seriously and there is nobody more dedicated to doing whatever it will take to keep this game I love going on for my grand children to enjoy and their grand children to enjoy.  Oh, well, maybe Mr. Palmer has his arms around making this happen better than me, but I join him and others in keeping golf alive.  And there is nobody more dedicated than me to weeding out those who get into the golf business who do not share in keeping the game of golf going and only want to make a quick buck and then they are gone.

This game is too grand of a game and offers so much more values than an outdoor activity where you slap a little white ball with a stick around a well manicure park until it disappears in a hole.  And I am not stupid to think that I am the only one who has a point of view and is going to write about it.  There are many more people out there who can, and have, written better articles and stories about golf and its impact on society and business.  But nobody has experience what I have experienced in golf, in business and in life nor has the imagination that I possess. 

My hero is David Feherty and I share with him the keen warped perception of things around golf.  My favorite golfer is Fred Couples who, to me, stands out amongst his contemporaries with the image golf needs and oozes with the golf skills and positive image and style every junior golfer should strive to be more like.  I will be writing more about both of these guys and some gals I find who show how golf can be fun and serious at the same time.

So, I start off the first tee of this tournament of articles with a question to all who have gotten this far to learning what my mission is and that question is…How Can I Help?


(Scot Duke is the author of How To Play Business Golf, is President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC., and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Screen Door Open Charity Golf, Inc.   Mr. Duke brings to his readers 31 years of business experience and 15 years of being involved in all levels of promoting the game of golf.  Being a fifth generation Texan, Duke (as he is know to his friends) incorporates his Texas Humor with his unique prospective on all kinds of issues ranging from Golf to Business.  His mission is exemplified in his trademarked salutation ‘How Can I Help?’) 




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