Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Road-Rage on the Golf Course

I think everyone who has played golf on a public golf course can agree that there some people who should not be playing on a public golf course. This afternoon I was asked to play around of golf with some business associates at a public golf course I had not played.  It was a great time with the group I was in, but the guys in front of us where conducting what I called Road-Rage on the Golf Course.  They were hitting into the group in front of them and then running up to their carts shaking fists and yelling.  All because the group in front of them was not playing as fast as they wanted to play.  There was no way for these knuckleheads to play through because, like on most public courses, there were people playing in front that group.  These guys want to try to change the world to playing golf at the pace they played.

I am being told by the group I was with, who play a lot of public courses, that they see a lot of this.  The same mentality that is cultivated on the crowded highways is now being developed on the golf course. 

I know all of the golfers reading feel the same as I do that controls need to be put on this type of behavior.  I am just not sure the public courses are going to do this because they do not want to lose any revenue.  So, like the highway department, they claim there is not enough budget for complete enforcement so they more or less do nothing. 

What can we do to help?  Well, unless you play golf with a Kevlar suit on I would not think about approaching these guys who cannot control their anger.  There is not much telling what will happen.  I would say, reporting the incident to the courses top manager would be the only thing that can be done.  At least you have done something.  Or consider joining a private club where you have more control when you express a concern or problem.  They more or likely will take care of the problem to keep you happy.

Road-Rage on the Golf Course…a solution is needed.




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