Thursday, June 15, 2006

Online Golf Groups-Revisited: A Lot to Choose From

The answer to all of my fans questions is YES!.

Since I first brought to your attention the multitudes of online golf groups I have been asked the questions, over and over…. are there more Sites?

Yes, I have been online and I have seen all of the golf groups…well at least I think I have seen them all.  There are some out there with names that only a very creative search engine search would pick up so I am sure there are many I probably missed.  There are even a few golf groups inside some of the online social groups.   I think I can factually say that golf has come to the internet.

Now I am being asked, which of the groups do I like best?  And here at last is a question I cannot answer… yet!

I have looked at a number of sites (I will not mention their names in hopes that their readers will take a look at the site they are on and get the creators to lighten up on some of the clutter.).  I lost count after 15.  Most of the sites are real hard to read.  It probably is due to the creators wanting to capture that Adsense and Google ad space that theoretically produces tremendous revenue. 

Most are getting very hard to get around inside the side due to the creators trying to be too creative and forget about the basics…like, finding the inbox for messages.  Others make it really hard to find out who is in the group.  Many of the golf fans I have are joining these groups but can’t find each other or find a way to send each other a message inside the group because they don’t have their REAL Email address…one of the biggest problems these sites have.

And don’t get me started on the content…if it wasn’t for the creators writing something there would not be any content in some of these groups.  The same goes for the discussions…Do you really want to know that chock_my_putter hit a 440 yard drive? Or want to even believe it?…

And what is up with these elaborate profiles that these groups want you to fill out.  They want to know the degree of loft and lie on every club in your bag and every club you have ever hit…and if you them with a fade, straight or draw… What are they going to do with that information? 

Now I know that most golfers may not have access to a score tracker or a handicap system, but does the site have to be consumed with capturing and posting every members handicap, and complete stats?  Does anyone choose who they talk to on these sites by the handicap they have or the quality of clubs they hit?  Maybe that is why I am not getting any responses to my blogs on these sites…

Now, I have been asked a couple of times…Why don’t you create an Online Golf Group Site?  I have the answer to that and simply put, I have seen a number of sites out there and I don’t want to just build a site to be like them.  But maybe someday, one of these groups will offer me a spot on their site…hopefully that will happen and all of this traffic coming to me to shot it straight on Golf will become a member of that group…

I know sooner or later I am going to have to answer the number questions I get and that is…..Which site do I like? 

The pressure from some of my rabid fans will demand it.  SO, let me take a look again and see if I can come up with a top five or something…not sure there will be ONE site that has what I want…or you need….


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