Sunday, June 18, 2006

LPGA: How Is Anyone Going to See Them Play?

One of my favor stops, and must reads, is Sally Jenkins’ articles in Golf for Women.  Sally out did herself this month with her article reporting the LPGA’s McDonald Championship, one of the Majors for the LPGA, leaving CBS and going to the Golf Channel…

This move is like moving from Las Vegas to Boise… From a place where everyone can go to enjoy watching and having fun; to someplace only people with an interest or cable networking can go to watch.

Sally brought up the concerns all of us who support the LPGA should have with this absurd move and the reasoning behind the move.

Seems the LPGA’s new commission, who claims her mission is to improve the branding and image of the LPGA, was a little miffed at CBS for wanting to cut away for the final holes of the LPGA McDonald so it could pick up its feed on the PGA’s event.  Seems CBS did not want to loose the sponsorship money for the PGA event.  From her report, CBS has the attitude that is wrong, wrong and wrong when it comes to how women’s golf, and its sponsors, having the same clout as the men’s golf, and their sponsors.

I am with Sally that the LPGA took the wrong direction with moving to the Golf Channel so they can control how much is covered of their major event. The numbers are not even close to being even with many fewer golf fans having access to the Golf Channel.

What I would like to add is the quality.  CBS has much better quality of broadcasting and broadcasters.  The GC broadcasters may be golf savvy but their presentation skills and camera work is far below the major networks capabilities.   CBS’s technology is far superior to the GC. I think this move is going to be the worst thing that could happen to the LPGA… the LPGA might need to be looking for another commissioner...hey Dottie, what are you doing?



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