Thursday, February 22, 2007

Apple Vs Cisco: The Deal from Hell

Yep, my ol buddy Rex Dixon of Technically Speaking has scooped this story for ya, but you know, “it ain’t over till it is over’ I am not quoting Yogi Berra, but even Yogi the Bear could see what is truly going on as well as I can.

I don’t believe the Apple and Cisco deal is fully settled...some of these wounds are pretty deep. This latest announcement Apple and Cisco have made was to get the media attention off this show so more maneuvering can be done on how the deal will really go down.

Plus, the big dog, AT&T, who is watching this one real close since they will be distributing this phone, is probably wanting for the smoke to clear before they step in to put their two cents in, or several trillion cents in is more exact.

I’ll get you in the loop if Yogi has anything else to say... Check out to see what RD has to say

Apple and Cisco iPhone Deal Settled

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