Wednesday, February 21, 2007

T-Shirt Video Contest

Through out history there have been some great events held that everyone wants to be included.

One that people tend to over look is the simple contest. What do I mean by simple contest”?

Well my good friend, The Grill Master’ of Give Me A Friggin’ Break dot com and who is also the ‘Head Dude’ over on Technically Speaking is holding a contest that is fun for anyone with a video camera.

Too bad I am the ‘Second Mule’ of or I would enter this, but since I am part of the TS team, I am not eligible.

You however are eligible to enter. If you have a video camera, and like to have fun with it, as well as potentially earn some prize money – then definitely head over to Rex Dixon’s Technically Speaking blog now to read about this great new contest he has set up for FUN as well as prize money.

T-shirt Contest

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