Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tech World News Never Slows Down

You would thinking that for one day during one week of one month during one year there would not be any news on something concerning the Internet, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Technology, Tech News, Gadgets, Software, Widgets, Wiki, Web 2.0 and the list goes on.

But I have not seen a day that someone is not making news in this huge market.

There is always something someone is reporting on.

And it is no different over at Technically Speaking. There is a lot of Tech stuff reported there. OH, don’t get me wrong, there is much more reported by others and maybe reported a different way, but as far as providing you another point of view there is probably not another one that shots much straighter than Technically Speaking....

Yes, I write for TS and I write for this site and I write for five other sites, but like all of the sites I write for, I do so because I like to and I like to because I want to write for the sites that are run by people who are professional and have a clean vision of what it is their site is all about.

Technically Speaking is all about reporting what is going on around the world as a whole, not just Tech or just the who’s who kinda reporting you see everywhere else. TS cover more and since I am now on the volunteer staff I know what is coming up to keep the site heading for the top of the Tech News World Report.

If you have not seen Technically Speaking then you need to check it out...a great site for information on that is going on around the world of everything.

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